Spanish wine "Valduero" ambush drill premium customers.

Publish on: 10 December 2015

Manager Daily 360 - " Jiamphattana food has developed" an importer and distributor of alcoholic and non - alcoholic. Junction boxes imported wine market Launch wine from Spain "Valduero" 6 targets of popular premium wine brand new. Prepared with four more imported wine and other food brands in 59 years.
Ms. Junpen Jiamsamai, Managing Director of Jiamphattana Food & Beverage Co.,Ltd. importer and distributor of alcoholic and non - alcoholic reveal that the overall market for imported wines in India in the last three years. With an average growth rate of about 10% with a market value of 1.3 billion baht, representing a volume of about 10 million liters per year. By wine imports from countries that are known and most popular of consumers in Thailand include Australia, Chile, France and Italy.
The study marketing imported wines in India for some time, the company saw a gap and marketing imported wine brand "Valduero" from Spain made a niche market or Niche Market by initially imported white wine 1 kinds bottle. 1150 baht and five species of red wine priced from 1.6 billion baht to one billion baht. By positioning the brand as a premium wine. Has a reputation for consistent quality of treatment lasting from Spain. And a unique identity. It has set targets premium social position. Lifestyle soul of the party. Love of wine Cool new experienceDrinking wine in new brands.
"During the first year, we expect sales of 1 million bottles worth 135 million baht, or a market share of only 1% of the total market by targeting growth of at least 10% with a plan to import quality wines premium. Spain at least four additional brands including other food products such as ham, cheese, olive oil and potato snack category, "Ms. Junpen Jiamsamai said.
After an initial market for about two months, has been well received by customers, the Company is targeting approximately 10 million baht marketing budget in the roadshow. Along with the expo to introduce products into the target groups. The first phase will focus on markets in Bangkok. Before spreading to major cities and tourist destinations popular with foreigners, such as Hua Hin, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai.
Ms. Junpen Jiamsamai said at the end of the Company's distribution channels to consumers Food Services or "HoReCa" Both the restaurant and catering in proportion equally also plans to sell through the channel. e - commerce more. The staff is prepared to provide information and answer questions from interested parties. Including fulfilling orders quickly communicate via Facebook, Instagram and offline products and services to customers as soon as possible. For the comfort and satisfaction of customers.