Halloween @ Abeille

Publish on: 23 December 2015

Which was held on October 31, the Celts believed me. The dimension is dead And people are linked together. And the souls of those who died in the past year. To seek one's body is so haunting. In order to have a life again. Trouble to people Find any way to prevent his spirit to haunt the draft. Celts took off all the lights in the house. The cold weather And the desirability of those evil spirits. And also try to dress weird.Disguised as a devil And blaring Ghost real fright for the lost. The night is also a night to celebrate the end of harvest season. And may be animals Or crops sacrifice to these deities. And with spirit Later that night, all the lights are extinguished. And the new with the sacred fire of the Celt. We got up to join in the fun activities at Abeille. This past Halloween.