Grand Opening Wine Valduero at Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel

Publish on: 23 December 2015

Jiamphattana Food & Beverage Co.,Ltd. is proud to offer this new product. Imported from Spain, it is a wine brand Valduero Managing Director of Food and Beverage Reggio said that during the three years, the overview of the imported wine market in Thailand. With an average growth rate of approximately 10%, representing a market capitalization of over 13,000 million baht by wine imports from countries that are known widely, including Australia, Chile, France and Italy, among wine drinkers in the United States. To recognize the reputation of wines from France and Italy, the company is mostly a marketing gap that can promote the wines of Spain are of good quality and reputation in the target group. We build awareness of the brand, coupled with the information. And create extraordinary experiences for wine drinkers themselves. Because wine is an art. Therefore, it is essential that wine drinkers have to try it once at Val Duero. We are so focused on roadshows And exhibitors about food and drink venues. So customers have shared their experience with us.

"Because Val Duero wines. A brand new wine import market, and a brand new segment in Thailand. So in the first year - the year 2016, we expect sales of only 100,000 bottles, with a market share accounted for 1% of the market value of wine imports. Or hit is worth 135 million baht is expected to grow by a minimum 10% and for business growth in the coming years. We plan to import additional four kinds of premium wine to share the market share of imported wines in greater "Miss.. Moon said.
For Drunk Driving Project Back home safe We have a program that will provide funding to support this project can expand even more. So in late 2016, we plan to organize a concert with a wine auction 12 years of legendary wines of Walla Duero. To use the proceeds to support projects such as more concrete ". Ms.Junpen Jiamssmai