Font d'Or

Mineral Water

This research sipports FONT D'OR as being water with a low mineral count, with little sodium and excellent properties, which:

  • a) Protect against bone decalcification in pregnant woman.
  • b) Is recommended for use in preparing food for children. Its use in the preparation of baby formula provides a slight increase in the mineral content of the bottle, which prevents overload on the kidneys of newborns.
  • c) Due to its being a diuretic water, it assists in kidney functions, allowing the body to stay healthy and assisting in weight control diets.
  • d) Young athlete and sports people note that drinking FONT D'OR helps them to maintain the correct levels of hydration and improve their performance.
  • e) It helps people between the ages of 45 and 65 to stay fit and healthy because it is a water that, in sufficient quantity, does not only clean the body of toxins and impurities, but also delays cellular and corporal ageing.
  • f) In people over 65, dehydration problems are a frequent occurrence. FONT D'OR assists in achieving a balanced level of hydration when eight glasses are drunk on a daily basis, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

From now on, the label on every bottle of Font d'Or be adorned with this exclusive gold medal, honouring the product name.

  • 1. Salvador Gallego chairman of FACYRE and owner of a Michelin star restaurant "El Cenador de Salvador"
  • 2. Pedro Subijana, chairman of Euro - Toques Spain.
  • 3. Gregorio Varela Moreiras, chairman of (FEN)
  • 4. Jose Maria Rubio Martin, chairman of Spanish Hospitality Federation
  • 5. Félix Artalejo, chairman of the Madrid Bartenders' Association
  • 6. Papa Aymami Founder and director of the Institute Catalá de la Cuina